Presto Electric 22-inch Griddle Review



If you are looking for some of the best griddles in the market, the chances are that you may get confused between numbers of designed available from different brands. Most of the users find it difficult to choose an efficient and budget-friendly griddle for their modern kitchen.

But don’t worry! We advise you to try the most versatile equipment in the market: Presto 22-inch Electric Griddle with Removable Handles. It is designed to meet your routine cooking needs with a high-quality finish.

Description of Presto Electric 22-inch Griddle

This unique Griddle from Presto is designed with 22×11 inch cooking surface that allows easy cooking for the large family. It is finished with durable cast aluminum material that is rated high for its rigidity, lightweight and even heating ability.

Moreover, the non-stick coating makes it easier to cook food with lesser oil; it means you can cook healthy food for the entire family. Also, the handles are detachable; hence, you can store this griddle in the limited space with ease.

Manufacturers say that it needs not more than 18- inch kitchen cabinet for storage. In order to detach the handles, users simply need to open the latch clips; it doesn’t demand any extra tools.

Presto Electric Griddle is the best choice for all meal timings; it can prepare the best food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. The slide out tray is the best addition for easy cleaning. People love it more due to control master heating mechanism that allows precise temperature settings.

The base portion of this griddle is made up of heavy cast aluminum material that leads to virtual wrap-proof service. The griddles are fully immersible; you can ensure enhanced heat control on this appliance with even heating on the entire surface.

What are Main Features of Presto Electric Griddle?

Watch this short but useful review video about Presto Electric Griddle to know if this grill fits you:

You can find here a list with 8 main features of this grill. I hope this helps you decide whether or not to buy this grill.

  1. Maximum cooking surface of 22×11 inches.
  2. Made up of durable and stiff cast aluminum material.
  3. Comes with removable handles.
  4. Designed with 200 to 400-degree farad temperature range and 1500-watt power rating.
  5. Users can enjoy automatic temperature control.
  6. Completely immersible iron with warmth control ability.
  7. Designed with a premium nonstick surface that ensures easy cleaning.
  8. Loaded with removable trickle plate expels.
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